About - Kyle J. Glenn

"We do the work

because the work desires

to be done."


I am photographer, filmmaker, musician, and creative living and working in Oakland, CA. After a youth and young adulthood in Portland, OR, I moved south to try my luck in a bigger market. With the move has come new challenges, new experiences, and great growth.

It can be difficult to describe what I do because of my many interests and skills, but at my core I am a storyteller. I can't escape it. Sometimes I'll try to be abstract, but it all resolves in a story. We all hold stories inside of us, of our past, our future, our beliefs about ourselves, the collective history of our families, and even of the human race. Not only do we hold stories, but everything around us keeps stories inside, and they glow with them, hoping to express them to anyone that will listen. This is what I strive for in my photography, to give voice to those voiceless, and to capture the essence of those who can share their stories.

I hope when you look at my photos, of people, or place, or things, you can see their essence. You can see the faint shimmering lines at the edges that represent the story held inside.

I thrive off of collaboration. Do you have story you want to tell? Do you have a project in mind that can use a filmmaker or photographer? Do you just want to spitball on some ideas you have banging around in your head? Drop me a line and let's chat! kylejglenn@gmail.com

I look forward to hearing from you—

Kyle J. Glenn

PS: If you're looking for creatively stimulating read check out Liz Gilbert's "Big Magic," or David Lynch's "Catching the Big Fish."

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